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In 2008, Rackspace Hosting relocated our company headquarters into “The Castle”, or as San Antonio residents remember it, Windsor Park Mall. The mall, along with its surrounding community, had been on the decline since the 1990s. Weakened by a poor economy and rising gang violence, the mall closed its doors in 2005. Appearing outwardly to be simply an abandoned shopping mall, Rackspace leadership re-envisioned the building as a thriving global headquarters that would be home to thousands of employees, a destination for innovation and progress, and an economic driver for the community. We nicknamed our new home The Castle.

Investing in this 1.2 million square foot property wasn’t just a decision based on faith in Rackspace’s potential; it was also based on our faith in the potential of this neighborhood. Rackspace knows what it means to be the underdog. Since our inception as a start-up company, we’ve faced the challenges of navigating an unstable economy and have gone toe-to-toe with significant competitors. With passion for our work, belief in our strengths, and a strong community of our employees called Rackers, we’ve overcome those obstacles; the underdog has prevailed. Similarly, we believe in this community’s potential and that Rackspace can be a catalyst for community revitalization.

The Rackspace Foundation was created in 2009 as a mechanism to invest in our neighborhood, which we call the Castle Community. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to create a learning community where education is valued, families and educators are engaged, and students strive to reach their fullest potential. It invests in enrichment programs in our Castle Community schools, which we call the Magnificent Seven: Roosevelt High School, Ed White and Krueger middle schools, and Camelot, Montgomery, Walzem, and Windcrest elementary schools.

Funded primarily through Racker payroll contributions, The Rackspace Foundation supports school-based and afterschool-based programs including:

  • Communities in Schools
  • City Year – 3 teams of Corps Members
  • Say Si
  • Teen Chess & Family Chess Nights (weekly)
  • Youth Orchestras of San Antonio
  • Summer Literacy Academy
  • Good Samaritan Community Center
  • Advise Texas
We hope that through these programs, students find their passions, have a safe place to express their identities, ask questions, be creative, and believe in their own potential. By investing in our neighborhood’s students, we are investing in the future of this community.