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About Us


Our Mission

The Rackspace Foundation mission is to create a learning community where education is valued, families and educators are engaged, and students strive to reach their full potential. We partner with organizations that provide important programs that meet basic student needs while contributing to a holistic education by introducing students to mentorship, the arts, STEAM programs and more.  

Our Story

At Rackspace, one of our core values is Fanatical Support® in all we do. At the heart of each Racker is a desire to serve our customers, fellow Rackers, and the community around us. We believe in being more than just a good neighbor, and supporting and investing in our community is part of who we are. Officially launched in 2009, the Rackspace Foundation is a way for us to take this passion for service to the next level and share our Fanatical Support® with our neighbors in a meaningful way.

Community-based approach

We take a community-based approach to investment. Rather than focusing on a single cause, we’re committed to providing holistic support for students in our geographic footprint. Our funding is focused on supplementing important STEAM programs to contribute to a well-rounded education. We hope that through these programs, students find their passions, have a safe place to express their identities, ask questions, are creative and believe in their own potential.

Racker funded

The Rackspace Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, fully funded by Rackers through payroll deductions. By avoiding overhead costs, we can pass 100% of the donations directly onto supporting our students.

How it all started

When it was time for Rackspace Technology to find a permanent location to house our San Antonio headquarters, no one expected it would be the abandoned mall on the east side of town.

As renovations began to turn the mall into our new home, it was proposed that a security wall be constructed around the perimeter of the campus. While there were clear safety concerns to address, it was estimated that construction of this wall would cost nearly a million dollars. Not only was it expensive, but also the idea of a giant wall went against our mission of being one of the world’s greatest service companies. We believed the move to this community meant greater opportunity to serve our new neighbors. Under the leadership of Graham Weston, with a vision for ”building bridges not walls,” that money was used to fund the launch of the Rackspace Foundation. 

Mervyn's old building

How can we help

The Rackspace Foundation actively engages with the community to understand the unique strengths and challenges of each program it supports. This approach helps to foster innovation and create a positive impact.