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Our team


Kellie Teal-Guess
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer & Rackspace Foundation Executive Sponsor 

EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer & Rackspace Foundation Executive Sponsor 

I lead the Global Human Resources function and am a member of the Executive Committee reporting to Amar Maletira. I have been a proud Racker since May 2023. The Rackspace Foundation is meaningful to me because giving back to the communities in which we do business is a critical part of my belief system. In addition, I feel a deep connection to Rackers who give back and I want to represent them well. 


Summer Gafford

VP, Total Rewards & HR Operations & Rackspace Foundation President 

I have been a Racker since October 2019 and provide strategy oversight and implementation support for varied projects that support our compensation and benefits programs, HR operations initiatives and HR technology. I have a passion for giving back to the community. With four kids of my own in school, the Foundation’s goal of supporting educational enrichment programs is impactful and inspiring. 

Aimee Marroquin-Rackspace

Aimee Marroquin

VP, Global Tax and Supply Chain & Rackspace Foundation Treasurer

I joined Rackspace in June 2012 and currently oversee the Global Tax function as well as Supply Chain and Procurement. I joined the Rackspace Foundation because I wanted to contribute to the Rackspace Technology community in a new way. Since joining the board, I have enjoyed working directly with the incredible programs we support. It’s been amazing to learn more about these programs, the support they provide to the schools and students in our areas, and their history with the Rackspace Foundation. 

K Shubilla Headshot 1

Kristen Shubilla

Sr. Executive Assistant & Rackspace Foundation Board Member 

As a dedicated Racker since September 2015, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to our Sales, Marketing and Finance Organizations. With their capacity for caring about each other and their communities, Rackers never cease to amaze me. I have a passion for being a catalyst for positive change and believe that even the smallest acts of kindness have the power to create a significant impact. The Rackspace Foundation is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the communities we serve. 


Jackie Marashi 

Director, Legal & Rackspace Foundation Board Member 

I joined Rackspace in April 2018, and I support the Enterprise Sales team in drafting and negotiating their sales deals in addition to various other legal responsibilities in support of Sales. Additionally, I’m the only attorney supporting Rackspace Government Solutions in deals, RFPs and other legal matters. I joined the Rackspace Foundation to give back to the communities in which we serve with a focus on education and furthering the learning and development of children and young adults. I truly believe in helping children and young adults and I look forward to being involved to further this important purpose.


Jason Wicker

Chief Architect & Rackspace Foundation Board Membe 

I joined Rackspace in August of 2018 in the OpenStack group, but have spent the last four years building out our federal, state and local business. Today I lead the presales side of our government business. I have been supporting nonprofit organizations throughout Texas for the last 20 years, serving as a board member in some of those organizations. I am elated and honored to serve the Rackspace Foundation as we set our sights on engaging more Rackers worldwide and spreading the reach of our fundraising and assistance efforts to where we can make the most impact. 


Lindsey Stich

Program Manager – Racker Experience & Rackspace Foundation Board Member 

I joined Rackspace in September 2018 in our Customer Success organization supporting several of our strategic customers. Fast forward a few years, and I was able to take the knowledge I gained from the business and transition into helping support the success of our Rackers by running several internal programs, such as our Racker Resource Groups and Rack Gives Back, in addition to strategic projects throughout HR. I’ve always been inspired by the work and support given to the local San Antonio community through the Rackspace Foundation. My passions directly align with the Rackspace Foundation’s efforts around mentorship and connecting the next generation of technologists with the resources and tools they need to succeed! 


Michelle Peterson

VP, Chief of Staff – CEO & Rackspace Foundation Board Member 

I’ve been a proud Racker since November 2015 and support the CEO, ensuring that he is prepped for customer and external meetings, meeting materials are assembled and reviewed in advance, and all Rackers in attendance are prepared as well. The Rackspace Foundation does wonderful work for our local communities, and I am proud to be a guiding force to continue raising awareness and engagement so our good work may continue for years to come.